For Dancers

Recovery Pointe Physiotherapists, Marta and Leanne, have a special interest in Dance Medicine so you can be sure you will find the answers to help you get back into the studio and be the best dancer you can be.  Achieve your potential by utilizing dance medicine science to improve on your weaknesses and maximize your strengths. 

Functional Dance Assessments

Address difficulties you may be having with your technique, receive a personalized program of strategies to improve on them and prevent injury. Recovery pointe offers a dance studio space with mirrors and a barre so you have the room to work on all your dance moves.

Pointe Shoe: Foot and Ankle Health Assessment

Do you have trouble getting up onto pointe or achieveing a full demi pointe? Do you struggle with pointe shoe related foot/ankle pain? Have a specialist assess your physical and functional pointe readiness based on NYU Medical School-Dance Medicine standards to identify weaknesses, and learn strategies to address these problems and prevent injury.

Personalized Coaching

Think personal training, geared for the dancer, with a physical therapy perspective.  Strengthen, stretch, tone and condition to help you achieve your best in the dance studio and, you guessed it, prevent injuries!