Physio by Video (Tele-health)

What is it?

We are excited to offer Tele-health physiotherapy.  This service involves the delivery of rehabilitation services over telecommunication networks and the internet. It allows us to see patients when they are unable to come see us in person. 


This service includes consultation and visual assessment of your injury, education, self management ideas, referral (if appropriate), exercise prescription and progression, and a video exercise program which will be delivered to your email.  It is also a great choice for injury prevention consultation and to help you with any sport or dance related technique questions.  

How does it work?


 I. Make an appointment (by email ( or phone: 587 463 3334). 

You and the therapist can see each other on camera and speak to each other in real time.  The therapist can direct you to perform movements necessary to see how your injured body site is moving to help in diagnosis and exercise prescription. The therapist can demonstrate exercises for you and view you your performance of them. The therapist can show you videos of exercise demonstrations as well. 

demo phsysi 2.jpg

What do I need?

1. Computer, lap top, tablet or smartphone with internet capability, forward facing camera and microphone.

2. A valid email address which you can access to receive your access link for the online session.

3. For Apple users iOS Safari and for Android Google Chrome or Firefox browsers works best. Download it free at:


4. It would be helpful if the space you have available during the session allows for you to complete your home exercises (floor, bed, mat), should you wish us to view you performing them.

5. Appropriate clothing such as shorts/tank top so that we can clearly see the body part we are treating. 

Is it safe?

The online platform we use is  All data is encrypted, your sessions are anonymous, confidential and none of your information is stored or recorded. adheres to HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements. 

Payment methods for Video-Physio sessions?

Payment can be made by phone with your credit card.

Direct billing for this service is currently approved by most extended health benefit insurance providers at this time due to COVID. Please check with your provider if you have any concerns regarding your plan or give us a call to discuss your plan.

Motor vehicle accident and WCB visits are reimbursed directly by the Insurance Provider at their discretion.  Approval from your insurance adjuster must be obtained prior to your visit. Please give us a call so that we can contact your Insurance for their approval.