Treatments During COVID Pandemic


Dear Friends and Patients of Recovery Pointe Physiotherapy:

We would like to update you on the changes and protocols we have put in place to maximize patient and staff health and safety during the continued COVID-19 pandemic. 

Safety Measures


1.     Therapist will wear gloves, mask, and face shield/eye protection.

2.     Patients will be seen on 1:1 basis with Physiotherapist.

3.     Patient will be given medical grade surgical mask, wearing it will be mandatory for duration of appointment.

4.     Treatment room and all equipment will be sanitized between each patient with hospital grade disinfectant.

5.     Hepa-filter air purifying towers with UV sanitation.

6.     Hand sanitizer mandatory at entrance and exit of appointment for both therapist and patient.

7.     Disposable table head rest covers used for each patient.

8.     Consent and insurance forms are now all on-line and will be emailed to patients before their appointments.

9.     Free appointment cancellations to encourage self-isolation when patients feel ill. 

10.   Discounted Tele-rehabilitation visits. To learn more click here.

New Recovery Pointe Physio Protocol for In-Person Visits:

1. Please wait in your car before the appointment as the reception area will be closed to respect social distancing.

2. Your physiotherapist will call your cell phone at your designated treatment time to direct you to which entrance you should use.  We will be using both the main entrance and the side entrance (under the building exterior Recovery Physio sign) to help social distancing. Please have your cell on hand and charged.  

3. You will be asked to hand sanitize and don a surgical mask immediately on entering and wear it for the duration of your appointment.  

4. In person treatment will be limited to therapies which cannot be performed over phone or video or through home self-maintenance/instruction. 

5. Please enjoy our background music and do not take offence if we are less talkative than before COVID. We are focused on performing an efficient manual treatment and wearing a mask makes talking more difficult. 

6.  We will continue to waive our cancellation and rescheduling fees for the duration of the COVID pandemic. Please cancel, re-schedule or try a video-session if:

  • You have been or suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19;

  • You have returned from travel outside of Canada within the last 14 days

  • You or anyone in your close social circle are ill;

  • You are immuno-suppressed;

  • There has been evidence that COVID-19 is more severe in people over age 65.  If you are over age 65, please consider if in clinic treatment is necessary for your health currently.

7.  Please be on-time for your appointment.  If you are running late, please call and if we cannot accommodate you we will reschedule the appointment free of charge.  We are now seeing patients on a 1:1 basis and must schedule time between appointments to properly sanitize the room. As such, we may not be able to extend your treatment time. 


8. Your treatment time starts with our phone call when you are waiting in the car.  Please keep the history succinct so that we can maximize your in patient visit for hands on treatment.  If you would like more time for discussion please book a phone or video appointment before your in-person visit.  


9. We ask that any accompanying visitors wait in the car during your appointment.  Only one parent/guardian may accompany children or patients requiring assistance. 


10. To promote social distancing, our reception staff can best be reached by phone.  If we don’t already have your insurance and/or credit card information on file please call us to provide this information before your appointment.  We prefer contact-less payment via credit card or Visa-Debit. 


 11. Please come changed to the appointment or bring clothing to change into that allows injury site visualization.  


Please note: Failure to comply with the new protocols will prevent us from providing our services.  Patients exhibiting any symptoms of illness will be asked to reschedule their appointment when their symptoms resolve. As the situation is constantly evolving we will change our protocols accordingly to best adapt to the circumstances.


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to put patient and staff health and safety first and strive for the highest standards in hygiene and health safety during this difficult time.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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